Sunday, March 26, 2006


After Magneto fled Minimate Headquarters, the Board of Directors was forced to make a tough decision regarding their future at that location.

Professor X explains the situation:

“Magneto trashed the place. While we were locked up in prison, he partied non-stop. Keggers, frat parties, Barry Manilow concerts - you name it. Magneto did it all and completely destroyed this place. Our liquor is gone and our home is wrecked.

“We could clean the place up. We could rebuild. We could restore the glory that was once Minimate Headquarters. But seriously, have we ever done anything like that ourselves? Sadly, no.

“Because we are unable to hire engineer Minimates or janitor Minimates, the Board has decided to just pick up and move to a new place. Now gather your things and head over to:


Thank you, and see you soon at the new place!”


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