Saturday, March 25, 2006

Minimate Headquarters Saved!

JP1000, Fake Gold Spidey, and Prototype 401K Man were stunned to discover today that Minimate Headquarters had already been saved.

“What the?!?!” exclaimed JP1000 as he held up the spring he’d been carrying. “I just traveled thousands of miles to find this spring and free these heroes. What is going on here?!?!”

“Ryu saved us,” cooed Batgirl. “Isn’t he dreamy?”

“He’s soooo handsome,” said Black Cat in a seductive voice. “I wonder if he has a girlfriend?”

“Look at his powerful biceps,” gushed Storm. “He was able to free us with one little Hadouken to the lock!”

“This isn’t fair!” screamed JP1000. “That stupid monkey knew Ryu was going to show up and free everyone. That’s why he did this!”

“Now how am I going to get any friends?” exclaimed Fake Gold Spidey with sadness. “I thought finding the spring would make me popular …”

“Ah, there you are my lovely little creation,” beamed Dr. Richards as he approached JP1000. “Bruce and I were wondering when we’d be able to get back to our science work. We lost a lot of good research time while stuck in prison. We will have to double our efforts to make up for it!”


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