Friday, March 24, 2006

Lego Monkey Surrenders

After an exhausting months-long chase, JP1000 and his friends finally caught up with the Lego Monkey. The Lego Monkey had been pursued relentlessly for his metal spring, which could open the cage holding the heroes from Minimate Headquarters.

“He’s finally given up!” exclaimed an excited JP1000. “The spring is ours!”

“I’ll finally have loads of friends!” announced friend Fake Gold Spidey. “Everyone will love me now that I’m a hero!”

“I’ll finally get my wish and I’ll be painted as an official Minimate!” cried the gray Prototype 401K Man. “Hurrah!”

“I knew he would eventually give up,” sneered JP1000. “That monkey’s nothing more than a Surrender Frenchman.”


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